What does Japanese Calligraphy and Sumi-E painting mean for me?

traditional art

Since I was a little, I used to go to Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) class every Sunday. My late father was a Shodo teacher and tought local children. I used to go to the community center one hour early with my father and helped him to set up and then tear down tables and mats. During the class time I was a student. I rememer that my father was always smiling and very happy during teaching calligraphy. He loved not only Shodo but teaching children as well.

I rememer that he was doing some Sumi-e paintings at home also. He often painting while looking at a sample paintings from different sumi-e books. It looked like a very difficult thing for me at that time.

I was doing Calligraphy practice every weekend until graduating Jr. High school, but I was gradually getting too busy with school activities and others things during high school era, and I was distanced from Shodo.

Many years later, after on and off bringing out some Shodo materials to write, now I’m doing Shodo and Sumi-e daily. I feel that I finally came back to my roots. I’ve been doing drawings and oil and acrylic paintings for many years. Now, I deeply appreciate my father and my heritage. I finally came to the point that I can truly understand and appreciate my cultural heritage more than ever.

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